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6/12/17: Summer Privacy Party


Summer is here and school is out! You might be spending a lot of extra time with your children compared to the school year! It’s hard to find any privacy as a parent...sometimes you even find little people following you into the bathroom! You can buy yourself a few moments of privacy by setting up the Koala Coach “Privacy Party!”  Place a scale near the bathroom. Challenge your child to go hunting throughout the house (Yay! A few moments for you!) for heavy items that they can weigh. No need to do anything further. You can keep challenging your child to find additional items to be weighed. Your child will naturally be working with the numbers on the scale and learning how different numbers can be represented by weight. If you feel like engaging your child further, check out the Privacy

Party Video! As well as some modifications and questions to shout through the door to engage learners of all ages! 


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