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4/10/17: Passover Seder Learning

Wishing you a happy Passover! Below you will find a few stress-free learning activities to incorporate into your Passover seder. An Easter egg hunt activity will be coming later this week!

Passover Learning Activities:
READING - Lay out a large handful of scrabble tiles on the seder table in front of your child's plate.
Preschool: Find the alphabet letter that corresponds to whatever is occurring in the seder. Find an 'M' for Matzah, a 'P" for parsley.
Elementary: Challenge kids to use the tiles to make as many Passover related words as possible. Keep count with broken matzah pieces collected into a cup! 

MATH - The Ten Plagues present the perfect opportunity to think about the number 10. Understanding how the number 10 is built is the basis for everything in math.
Preschool: Count the 10 plagues by putting a number before each one. 1) blood 2) frogs...
Lower Elementary: Think about how many are left, and the combinations that build the number 10. After one plague, there are nine left? How many plagues are left after the second plague? You can use broken up matzah pieces or plague toys to see a visual of the number 10.
Upper Elementary: Teach kids how easy it is to multiply by 10! Just add a '0' to whatever number you are multiplying it by. Think about if there were 10 plagues impacting 20 Egyptians, there were really a total of 200 plagues? What about 10 plagues for 85 Egyptians? Or 946 Egyptians? 

Matzah Math - A box of Matzah provides an excellent opportunity for counting, multiplication and division. 
1) Count the number of matzah pieces in one box.
2) Multiply that number by the number of matzah boxes in your house to figure out how many total matzah pieces you have.
3) Divide the total number of matzah pieces by the eight days of Passover to find the maximum number of pieces that can be eaten each day and still have enough matzah to last the entire holiday!

Wishing you a happy Passover filled with joyful learning! 

Chag Sameach,

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