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President's Day Pennies


Do you need an easy learning activity to occupy your child when school is closed on President’s Day? A super simple activity that can be done anywhere you and your family find yourselves on President's Day is: Presidential Pennies!  Pull out the change from your wallet. Take the opportunity to talk about the coins that you find. Here are some talking points.

  • Identify each coin.
  • How much is each coin worth?
  • Who is featured on each coin?
  • What are some accomplishments achieved by that person?
  • Add up all of the change.
  • Toss the coin up in the air, have your child call 'heads' or 'tails'. If the coin lands on the side that your child called, she asks you a question about the information you just reviewed together. If the coins lands on the other side, you ask your child a question. 

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