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6/18/17: Three Activities for Father's Day


Father's Day activities can be filled with learning! 

1) Daddy Times:
Have kids make a newspaper all about their dad. Newspapers can be delivered on a "breakfast in bed tray," or secretly placed on the front porch. (Kids absolutely love secretly placing items!) Younger children can draw pictures that are captioned by a parent. Older children can write their own articles about their dad. Here are some ideas: 
 - Top 10 list about dad
-  Crossword puzzle about dad
-  Article describing a special memory with dad 

2)Soccer Math:
Have you seen the "Soccer Math" video on the Koala Coach website? Soccer or any sport is a fun activity for father's day that incorporates math! 

3) Let Dad "Sleep" In!:
Did you play the "Message Massage!" activity on Mother's Day? Children love to cuddle with dads too! This is an activity you can use when your head just needs to be on a pillow for 5 minutes ... *BUT* your little one needs some playful attention.  To play "Message Massage!"  while resting, cuddle and use your finger to write letters, words, numbers or math facts on your child's back. This works wonderfully for all ages.  Even babies can start to feel how the letters of their name are formed. This is also a great stress-free time to reinforce multiplication facts for big kiddos that still enjoy relaxing cuddles.

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