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3/15/17: Live Music Learning List

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Listening to live music is another easy way to enhance mathematical learning. The month of March marks Johann Sebastian Bach's birthday. In honor of this great composer, a global community of musicians unite to bring free classical music to music lovers and inspiration for future classical music appreciators. Check out Bach in the Subways for more information. This was brought to my attention by the Live Music Project


 I think hearing live music is beneficial for kids of all ages! Koala Coach activities always help to occupy, distract and teach kids so that parents can get their goals accomplished and kids can learn in a stress-free fun way at the same time. In this case, the goal is to enjoy as much of a live music concert as possible. 


Koala Coach List of Live Music Learning Activities: 

Math: While listening to a concert, encourage wiggly kids to focus and work on math skills at the same time. Count the number of string instruments, compare to the number of winds or brass. Is there an equal number? Which instrument family has the most instruments and players? For more advanced learners you can think about these numbers in terms of fractions or percents. Kids can also listen carefully and count the number of times the percussion instruments are played. 


Reading: Have kids use the concert program for reading practice. Younger children can hunt for letters or sight word that they can identify. More advanced learners can read the program and summarize the information for you in their own words. Or  have kids find three interesting facts about the music or the musicians. 


Writing: Work on creative writing expression. As kids listen to the music challenge them to generate adjectives, verbs and nouns that the music inspires. For example: Booming, sleepy, vibrant, jumpy, sunset...


Keep in mind, you don't have to stay for the entire concert. The more you practice going to live music concerts, the better you and your kids will get at listening and appreciating! 


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